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Industrial​​​​​​​ Floor Cleaning Services Company to the Greater Carolinas

If you have an industrial facility or warehouse and need help with services like industrial floor cleaning or warehouse floor cleaning services - you can depend on Pioneer. 


First impressions for a warehouse facility and it's floors can make a difference in how potential clients perceive the professionalism of your business.

​​​​​​​With over 20 years of experience in industrial floor cleaning services  and commercial building interiors and exteriors, we know how to remove the toughest oil stains, debris, or construction dust from your industrial, warehouse and warehouse floor areas safely and quickly. 

The Impact of Industrial Floor Cleaning Services

Dirt and grime build up very slowly on a concrete floor and so it is often difficult to determine when your floor is in need of a deep cleaning.

Yet, it's vitaly important to clean commercial concrete flooring periodically in order to extend its service life and enhance its beauty. 

Keeping manufacturing and warehouse floors clean improves the working environment for production staff and can even be a factor in employee moral.  It's just one of the many factors that need to be periodically addressed to ensure a smooth operating environment. 

Warehouse & Industrial Floor Cleaning

We have many years of field experience and the detailed understanding of how to remove even the most difficult oil stains, debris, or construction dust safely and quickly. 

We will assess your facility and give you a detailed breakdown on pricing and methodologies for how we can complete your project.  

We feature outstanding workmanship and the best pricing in the warehouse cleaning industry using professional grade, environmentally friendly products when cleaning your warehouse or facility.

In order to clean concrete effectively, you need industrial strength chemicals and high-powered cleaning equipment. We provide professional cleaning and sealing services for any sized concrete floor and we guarantee the best, cleanest and safest results.

We are specialists in indoor concrete warehouse floor cleaning and are fully equipped with the latest power floor scrubbing and cleaning equipment to cut through, loosen and the remove dirt, grime and forklift tracks that typically accumulate on a facilities flooring.  

These warehouse floor cleaning machines use rotating brushes and approved floor cleaning soaps and detergents that are able to cut through, loosen and remove dirt and grime and forklift tire marks from your concrete warehouse floors.

Proven Processes

  1. First, we will perform a detailed analysis of your commercial or industrial concrete flooring.
  2. Next, we will remove any foreign materials from the concrete, including litter, chewing gum, etc. 
  3. Finally, we will scrub your concrete flooring using the most state-of-the-art commercial concrete cleaning equipment, chemicals and techniques available. 

Concrete Scrubbing

Concrete scrubbing is a delicate procedure. There are multiple ways to clean concrete depending on the type of surface, the location and several other factors. Our concrete floor care service includes the complete cleaning of all cement flooring areas using commercial auto floor scrubbers, propane stripping machines and commercial floor cleaning chemicals.


We will also provide your company with a proposal to perform regular maintenance services on all of your concrete flooring in order to extend the life of its service and to maintain a more professional appearance throughout the year.

Concrete Sealing


The final process in our commercial concrete care process is to apply an industrial strength concrete floor coating/sealant. This special sealer is designed specifically for concrete and will keep your floor from absorbing any new stains or materials.

Concrete Sealant Will Protect Your Commercial or Industrial Concrete Floor From:

  • Stains & Discoloration
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Paint
  • Chemical Spills
  • & More

Warehouse Cleaning & Industrial Floor Cleaning Services

  • Warehouse & Warehouse Floor Deep Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Degreasing and/or Cleaning Heavy Equipment
  • Degreasing and/or Cleaning Food Packaging and Processing Equipment
  • Concrete Line Removal
  • Warehouse Floor Degreasing
  • Warehouse Floor Scrubbing
  • Warehouse Floor Sealing
  • Warehouse Wall & Girder Cleaning
  • Apply Floor Sealants
  • Annual, Quarterly, Monthly Cleanings

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a fast & no obligation on-site consultation for industrial floor cleaning, warehouse cleaning and/or warehouse floor cleaning service, get in contact today.

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